May, 31, 2013: I’m once again seeking Beta-Readers, please see this post for more info!  And I also made a small update to this page.

Hello and welcome to my blog.  World of Torzukarr is basically my web log (A.K.A blog) where I keep log of many of my ideas for the world (Torzukarr).  These ideas include race ideas, world ideas, creature ideas- that stuff.  I use this for telling the world when I got the idea and it sort of gets copywritten at that point.  It also allows you, the readers, to tell me that it’s someone else’s idea and where the saw it online.  And for me, it’s there for me to look back at my ideas that I don’t have written down anywhere else.

I’m also on these sites:

Pages of this Blog:

Speaking about copywrite, here is the fine print:

Creative Commons License
World of Torzukarr by Svetlana Belkin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

Edited: 9/16/2013

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