Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | January 15, 2010

Doodles #1

Got bored in Intro to Psych 102 and drew on this notecard for almost of the 1 hour and 30 minutes while I was there.  These three doodles are what you would find in Torzukarr.

Number 1 is maybe a mailhawk or just a random hawk.  A mailhawk is like a pigeon when they been used in WWI (?) to carry messages or an owl in Harry Potter.  Same concept here.  These hawks been trained to deliver mail before year 3000 before Discovery Period (when the humans discovered the land of Dragons). Mailhawks are with gray or white coats with blue or yellow tail.  I have based them on Red Tail Hawks (yes, that’s a link!) because of their cool red tails.  I might add some more features from other birds of prey.  For example, as you can see in the drawing, the mailhawk could have short feathers sticking out on the top of its head like a Bat Hawk.  In this picture, the hawk is holding a fish in its break.  It also, like the owls in Harry Potter, can hold letters in its break or hold them in its talons.  They are a bit smaller than the real world hawks that we see.

Number 2 and 3 are both Dragzards.  Number 2 is a male masked outlaw and number 3 is a female.  You can see on the outlaw that he has a mask on that should cover his whole face and jaw.  Under his is cape, you can see his tail.  No comment on number #3.

If you are wondering what I wrote on the right side of the card.  It says, “Fish can be trained like humans and dogs..”, you can figure out the rest.

(found a nasty typo!)


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  2. […] planning to use them like the mailhawks. In Torzukarr, they are smart enough to deliver mail!  Like the mailhawks, they can also be pets […]

  3. Does it means, u create illustrations for Harry P. ?

    • No, it means that I’m using a concept from Harry Potter. My Mailhawks act like the owls in Harry Potter.

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