Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | February 12, 2010

100th Person/Hit- Prize

Congrats Rae1 (Rael is his real name) from for being the 100th person who caused the 100th hit for my blog!   Hard to believe this but it only took about 2 months to get 100 hits.  Once again thanks for the views of my blog.  [And to Rael, you prize is a description of your face but as Dragzard.]  <— I will reword this later.

Rae1's picture from his profile


First of all, I’m taking a guess on your personality because I forgot to ask you.  My guess is that you’re a silver-bronze Dragzard- meaning you like have friends for support while you follow your dream.

You see a sliver-bronze Dragzard staring at his work with his small, rounded, hazel colored eyes.  His short, pointed ears that are pulled back making them to hide under his brown hair.  On top of his head are short brown hairs that form his short hair that run down the side of his head and end into a short mustache on the top of his thin red lips.   Under his lips, the short brown hairs form a short goatee on his flat chin.  Some short, pointed forwards, frills stick out of his sideburns.

I you like this description of your face as Dragzard, Rael.

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