Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | March 20, 2010

Chess in Torzukarr-Part 2

Part one (1) of this concept

When I posted part one on my favorite chess site,one of my writer friends on there said that I shouldn’t use the concept of real chess. Writch’s (the friend) quote:

And that’s a super idea about introducing chess into your fiction.

However, might you consider making it a chess-like game, not strict chess? You could change the size/description of the board, the number and moves of the pieces, etc. You won’t have to re-invent a whole new game, but substitution of names and such would make it “exotic” enough to add some spice into the narrative.

Once you’ve given it thought like that – like you did with a map of Torzukarr – you can then use it as a “conversation piece” where two characters are playing a game and are talking or debating an pivotable part of the story. Or during an expositional part so that the dynamics on the board is paralled in the past drama being talked about by the characters. For example, someone describing a coup-de-etat in ancient history or a near-by kingdom as they move pieces into place and the climax of the story-within-your-story is the checkmating move.

Just a tip.

The, when I was on Live Chess a few days ago, one of my friends, Chess_Nut (Babs), said, “I wish you could castle Queens”.  After I read that, a light bulb turned on in my mind!  What an amazing idea!  Why not, in Torzukarr, instead of castling Kings, the rule is castle Queens?

Thanks Babs for the idea!


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