Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | June 24, 2010

Chess in Torzukarr- Part 3

Part one (1) of this concept
Part two (2) of this concept

First of all, use those links to refresh your minds about the chess in Torzukarr concept, I’m too lazy to repost the links in this post.

Anyways, once again I was on my favorite chess site (, just chatting on Live Chess.  One of my friends, Shellylady, was play around with two others,Verstehen and Pendejadas, calling Pen her king.  Then Verst said that he is a dragon.  Then Shelly said that kings are more powerful then dragons.

So, my idea is that instead of knights in my chess like game in Torzukarr, they will be dragons and they will move the same as the knights in the real life game.

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