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New Creatures of WoT: Gryphons and Wyverns

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First off, I need to give credit to two people because they are the ones who kind-of gave the idea to me.  The first person is NeonDragon. You might know her because of her two how to draw books- DragonArt and DragonArt: Fantasy Characters.  Her website is linked in the bolded NeonDragon. The second person is more like a whole company. They are the creators one of the greatest MMORPG ever- Blizzard.  If you don’t know what game I am talking about, it’s World of Warcraft.


Let’s start with what idea I got from Blizzard.  If you have played the game, you know that Alliance players can ride gryphons.  So, that’s where the idea is from, but from NeonDragon’s how to draw dragon book, DragonArt, she said,

Traditionally, griffins (gryphons) are gold and brown.  Color choices depend on what bread of griffin you have created.  If you have a raven/tiger mix, the colors are different from those of an eagle/lion. Try different combinations of big cats and birds of prey.  Or maybe your griffin isn’t large at all!  It might be fun to play around with something more domestic, like a house cat/parrot combination. (NeonDragon 109)

After reading this, I thought what I combine with a hawk’s head.  Somehow a lynx came up.  So, the gryphon has a hawk’s head and wings and a lynx’s body and their tuffs of hair.  The World of Warcraft part is: these creatures will be used as fly mounts like the game.

The history of these creatures in World of Tozukarr can be traced back to about 500 years before the events that I’m writing about.  Gryphons were found on the north west coast of Land of Humans guarding the coast.  The king of that time sent a man and a score of guards to find them.  After three months on the road to the coast and another month trying to steal two babies, the man was able to breed them and train them to be mounts.


Once again I got this idea from NeonDragon.  In the last post, I have said that wyverns are not dragons.  They are cousin to them (114 (and do I need a cite here)).  In DragonArt, Neondragon says that “wyverns are not terribly smart and they are rarely beautiful as dragons tend to be.  They are pretty nasty critters though”.(114)

You can find this image in her book, DragonArt on page 117 (c)NeonDragon

As you can see in this rather small thumbnail, this wyvern does look like a dragon but it also have the features what NeonDragon said.  On page 116 of her drawing book, she said, “A wyvern has two legs and two wings, does not breathe flames and usually has a barbed tail”. Their tails contain poison but not enough to kill a man- well, in Torzuakarr.

I’m planning to use them like the mailhawks. In Torzukarr, they are smart enough to deliver mail!  Like the mailhawks, they can also be pets (never really stated that in that post).

These creatures been living with the humans on the Land of Humans as long as history can tell us (mailhawks also).  The lore doesn’t tell anymore about them.

Works Cited

Peffer, Jessica. DragonArt. Cincinnat, Ohio: Impact, 2005. Print.


  1. […] Dragons were the guardians of the tribes and they are sprites that only speak to the leader (elder) or someone in the tribe who the dragon felt like they needed to guide them.  These dragons are about the size of wyvrens. […]

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blogpost about my griffins! My snow leopard griffin has been around for years, I’ve just never found a suitable story environment for her. The tiger one is supposed to be, like, her evil rival. I don’t really want to combine them because they’re different characters. Do you ever draw your ideas? It would be fun to see these concepts you’ve come up with, particularly the hawk/lynx one.

    • No problem, and thank you for visiting my blog. I haven’t read any other posts of yours, so I didn’t know. But then again, you could just combine them for fun.

      I haven’t drawn any of my ideas (minus the Dragzard and the Dragat that I have in this story). I just haven’t found the time because of other things. But I will when I have the time during my x-mas break. Watch for that.

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