Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | March 4, 2012

Blog Reviews

This blog post is not my usual post about Torzukarr and I wanted to post something different. I’m a member of a site called Swap-Bot, a swap site for artists and folks who are looking for penpals. One of the swaps that I’m required me to review my partner’s blogs and here they are:

Happiness Crafts:

A very colorful blog with a readable layout (and awesome background).  Jass posts many of her posts about her crafts, things that she is planning to do with new supplies that she has brought, and she also has photos.  For example, her post called Happy Anniversary has very cool photos that looks like she took them with a very old camera.  It’s one blog that I would follow and you should to if you are into crafts, just about life, and cool photos. That last photo makes me what to go to England. 🙂

Dining Room Table Art:

Another awesome blog full of colorful art!  I love how Corinne uses collage on all of her artworks.  It gives the artwork a vintage feel, which I like. For example, the header to the site shows her work. I like the image that she picked because on that card, it says, “true friends” and when we create our crafts for the other swappers on Swap-Bot we think of them as friends. Because we have to think what to make that will make them happy to get something in the mail or their inbox of their E-mail.

Crafting with Blue:

First of all, no offense about the blog’s layout is a bit too hard to follow.  I think it’s the right column making the middle one (the one with posts) to read.  That said, this blog is full of colorful photos of Blue’s crafts. For example, her lastest post shows her crafted cards that she made. I love how she used the same person but used different styles of cards to make them. One of them is a butterfly lady and the other one is a flower lady. Very cute!

Big Hill Goddess:

Owned by a very crafty lady named Angie!  Her art dolls are skilfully crafted.  My favorite is the Totem Animal Swap. That first turtle that she mad reminds of an image from a craft book for kids. The turtle ATC is very cool because of the designs that she used on it to make it tribal. That fox ornament and drawing are cute too.

I also love her post where she says hello to us. . I thank her for that because it helps us to learn more about the blogger. It also helps us to know what to make for that certain person if we ever get them as a patenter for another swap. This is important when you join Swpa-Bot that you need to fill out a profile so the others know what to send and not to send! 🙂

FireLight Gleam’s Blog:

I just love how the blog is done.  It’s easy to read and the theme is just awesome!

Jamzyn picked up a new hobby, which is doll making from base dolls. Her first doll, turned out great and was sold to someone. I really like how she used a three colors, and how she did the hair. With the green hair in that pony-tail, it looks like the doll has snakes for her hair. Hopefully, Jamzyn keeps this hobby up and it would cool to see what other cool doll she makes.


  1. Thanks for the great write up about my blog! Happy swapping.

    • Not a problem. Happy swapping to you too.

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