Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | March 18, 2012

How Do I Keep Track of my Fiction Stuff?

This topic got me to write something better than what I wrote (with photos!).  (Just a repost, really)

Most of my ideas are either in a notebook in real life or on here so I can say, “hey, this is when I got this idea” out to the world and have it copy-written or told that someone did it already. Though I still think keeping that blog is a bad idea because of the copy-write thing and publishers thinking that world already have read this for free.

For outlines, I tend to have one for the whole book and chapters of that book. They are in folders that have related files for that book. I have a template for mu outlines with sections that I need, like: Setting, Characters (sub: Major, Minor, Other), and Other Things.  I also mindmap with FreeMind.

Most of my chapters are labeled by name or number, if I already know the order for the chapters, in that same folder of the related stuff for that book. They tend be .rtf’s because I use FocusWriter to write them. Then at the end, put the chapters in order on one file.

I have a three-inch binder full of what I havewritten and printed out from my files. I have main sections, sub sections, and sub-sub sections for some. My main sections are based on history of Torzukarr (and other things dealing with just the world itself), a Torzukarr novel section, a Torzukarr short-story section, a non-Torzukarr novel section, a non-Torzukarr short story section, and blank paper section. Then my sub-sections are my stories and novels for those sections that have them. And Sub-Sub sections are for outline in one, chapters in another, so forth. This binder is my back-up and where I have my marked up copies when I edit with a pen.

Note on these sections: my main and sub-sub sections are just normal dividers that you get from the store and my sub sections are file folders ripped in half (on the fold line) and hole punched. One whole (front and back) is a sub section. And I do have a table of
contains for the section.

Another note is I don’t have my sub-sub sections divided in those photos because I didn’t buy another pack before I took those photos.

Photos of my Binder:


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