Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | October 9, 2012

Moon Ring Dragon

First of all, it’s not what you are thinking of!  It’s not a dragon shaped mood ring but the idea of using the mood ring colors for a dragon in order for it to show it’s mood.  It would be a chameleon but it’s mood would control it’s color rather than for camouflage.

I got this idea while walking today, actually the mood ring idea not the dragon idea.  You see when I think to talk to myself, I don’t see a mini-me me talking to me but a small European (Western) dragon with wings about a chameleon in size that “speaks” in my mind.  Please don’t call me crazy when I say this but I bet this is true for all of you right brained folks ;).  So, always, I going to work on this idea more and I will update on you this.
P.S.  I maybe loco after all if what I have said about right brained folks.  😉


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