Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | October 13, 2012

Use of Dragons in Torzukarr

This was one of my brainstorms that I worked out the use of dragons in Torzukarr.  I will have stories about these dragons and some will be in novels, if I ever publish something.


All races have accepted that a dragon created Torzukarr, but there is also other dragons that had power on the lands where humans, elves, dragons (now Dragzards), and dwarfs.

Land of Humans

Dragons were the guardians of the tribes and they are sprites that only speak to the leader (elder) or someone in the tribe who the dragon felt like they needed to guide them.  These dragons are about the size of wyvrens.

Land of Dragzards/Dragons


These follow the laws of the Dragon Council because it’s the dragons land and some still believe that the dragon sprites of Land of Humans are alive.


The dragon god have granted five dragons immortality and these are the Dragon Council dragons, Zummon is one of them.  They keep their land in shape.  They only failed once and this when the humans came to their lands.

Land of Elves

Their god is a dragon who is a real dragon about the size of wyvren.  Almost like the Land of Humans ones.  Every elven folk knows that this dragon is real and helps the king to rule the land.

Land of Dwarfs

There is one clan that is called the “Dragon” clan and the believe in the dragon god.  Some dwarfs of that clan have seen the dragon god in visions.  They are one of the good clans.

I might of misspelled something, please point it out.  Thanks.

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