Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | November 3, 2012

Dragzard Colors

I’m posting this post because I feel like that I using some idea that could be somewhat copywrited to the creators of DragonLance.  The reason why I feel like this feels like a copywrited idea is because based on the book A Practical Guide To Dragons.  But then again, wasn’t the dragon skin colors idea used in other works/worlds?
Please leave some feedback on this idea.   Thanks.

Below is the idea:

Dragzard Skin Colors-


Blue: Theyre mainly trouble makers and joke makers.

Blue-Green(Teal): Theyre mainly lying, trouble making, sweet talking, and sometimes protective.

Brass: Theyre mainly opinionated.

Bronze: Theyre mainly super-hero like.

Brown/Tan: They’re have many main personalities.

Green: Theyre mainly lying, sweet talking, and sometimes over protective.

Purple(orPink): Theyre mainly pirate-like and trouble makers.

Red: Theyre pirate-like.

Silver: Theyre friendly, loves to have lose social structure. They learn from their mistakes and pass the advice down.


Black: Theyre evil.

Gold: Theyre mainly wise.

-White:They have no main personality.


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