Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | March 17, 2013

Magic System of Torzukarr

One of my brainstorms about the magic system of Torzukarr.

The magic system on Torzukarr is like the one that ArmMUD (and the world of Harry Potter) uses in the terms of how users find out that they can do magic. Magic manifests itself in the user at a certain age if they are not from a pure blood line of magic users.

When a user finds out that they can do magic, it is called “manifestation”. The past tense of this would be “they have been manifested by magic” or “magic has manifested them”.

Anyone can be manifested with magic. The types are: light, dark, elements (water, fire, air, and earth), and necromancy.

Different people will react differentially. Those who are from a magic uses don’t really react unless one of their members don’t get manifested with magic.

Of course, dark magic is feared and the others are not. Light, earth (not ground/rock), and water magic have healing powers.

And about elemental magic:

In Torzuakarr these elements make up the magic:

• Water
• Fire
• Earth
• Air

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