Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | March 18, 2013

Dragzard Resign

Going back to this post. I think this is less copy-writed

Use of personalty based on the color of the skin is not creative and it’s somewhat copywrited to the creators of D&D.  In this brainstrom, I will rethink how to use the skin colors of dragons and Dragzards.

Since most of the dragons live in the north-western part of Torzukarr, where Land of Dragons/Dragzards and Land of Dwarfs sits, it means that they have to know how to live in the cold and the mountains.  The ocean that sperates that land mass and the Land of Humans is too large for dragons to fly.  Also the large island east doesn’t have dragons nor Dragzards (that might change) because the dragons think it’s hunted or something like that.

I think having dragon’s (and Dragzard’s) skin color should be pale rather than be bright and colorful.   Since the dragons live up in the north, than it’s pointless to make their skin color bright and colorful.  On earth, the animals  (I.e the poison dart frogs) that are bright and colorful, are only found in the rain forests.  Sticking to this idea, I think it would be smarter to do because it would confuse anyone.

That said, the colors will range based on where these Dragzards/dragons live, just like us humans on Earth.  From what was said above, there will be bright colors for those Dragzards/dragons who live near the Anusk Rain Forest.  Those who live near the colder climate of the mountains will have the pale color range.  The middle part of Land of Dragzards will have a color range between the two extremes.

Special note on Dragzards (and dragons) that have elemental magical power will, at a certain age, develop the color based on their element.  They are:

• Water
• Any shade of blue
• White for just ice
• Fire
• Any shade of red
• Earth
• Any shade of green for grass element
• Any shade of brown for ground/rock
• Any shade of purple for poison
• Air
• Any shade of grey

Light and dark are not elements, rather they are linked to wizards and sorcers but these Dragzards/dragons’ skin color changes, at a certain age, like the elementals.


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