Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | March 23, 2013

Pet Dragon Idea

From this post:Moon Ring Dragon.

I rethought the idea of “Mood Ring Dragon”, which has a name and its name is Zi (which is a he), and I’m dumping it because Zi has changed into just a dragon who size is about a size of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (ish) and he just acts like a pet dragon in an alt. world set about in 1990’s to now. The idea is based on NeonDragon’s lizard and cat dragon in her book, DragonArt. I was thinking about writing short stories about Zi and I and our everyday life.

A bit about Zi:

  • He is based on my cat
  • My first story will deal with how I got him and I will have a post about the alt. world too
  • He speaks telegraphically to me and other who he feels that he needs to speak to
  • He is 20 years old and he still has more years to live


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