Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | September 8, 2013

Blast in the Past

I wanted to see how far I can trace my activity on the Internet.  I was able to trace it back all the way back to when I first joined my first website in 2002, when I was 11.  Yes, 11!  But it was Neopets and I did it under my parent’s e-mail.  I only can remember my neosvetlana1071 account and I knew I switched from some account name that had “tiger” and this account was created a bit before the Neopets staff removed the amusement parks, so maybe late 2001?  I also know that I used this account until 2005.  I think later on, I rejoined and got the idea for the username “Mechafish”, which used to be mine here before I switched it to “Barsook”.

One funny thing about Neopets and my idea for real life trading cards and a magazine.  I wanted those maybe a year or two before they decided to start selling merchandise.  I think I also wanted to write stories and comics for the online Neopets newspaper.

My other record is from deviantArt which when I was 13 and had my first e-mail.  This account lasted for two years (maybe more) and it gives me the idea to redraw some of the drawings to see if I made an improvement.  It also shows who I was back then.

My last reference  before I became who I was in 2009-ish (when I started this blog), is an account from Gaia Online.  This is when I was in 10th grade based on the journal posts about marching band camp.  But, the big thing here, is the reference of my first actual website where I talked about a Sci-Fi MMORPG idea for one, which, when looking back, looks like an idea for a Sci-Fi version of World of Warcraft.  Also, this site was the first non-Neopet and non-forum-where-it-was-just-me-and-another-person-talking and the first one that showed where my interest towards computers half started.  And, it references when I built my first custom-built computer.

The other half is, again, from Neopets.  The period from first joining Neopets and joining dA (which was most of 2003), I started to not just play games on Neopets, I started to figure out how to spaz up my pet’s page (I think I had a Techo with the name TechoFace with some numbers at the end).   At this time (and I think they still do have the guide), Neopets had a guide of how to use HTML.  This was ten years ago, and I would like to thank Neopets for doing that.  This is one of the spike in interest towards computers that I can think of.

I think the first spike in interest towards computers, was my family owned a Windows 3.1 and I remember playing computer games on that.  Yes, a Windows 3.1.  We had it from 1993-ish-1998-ish.

Anyways, the point of this post was to show where some of my skills with computers and web site work is coming from.

Also, I have went through three main usernames (Neosvetlana, Mechafish, and Barsook) and three to five alt usernames (belkinsa, Blue-Spine, Zummon, Warriorman.EXE, and Fire-Chaos).

Forgot to add: The game Puzzle Pirates by ThreeRings Design taught me to type in proper English around 2005-2006 after I build my computer.  I was just standing in (I think) the Dragon’s Nest’s Inn and watching how players were speaking.  And one caught my eye and I started to copy of that player.  The only thing is I can’t find any examples of my improper English.  I think that was on Furcadia when I was on it before 2005.

Also, old pictures from 2008-2009.


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