Posted by: Svetlana Belkin | October 3, 2013

Planning to Retire This Blog


Just as the title says, I’m planning to retire this blog.  For three reasons:

  1. Authors don’t really need blogs but site as the author, Cat Rambo, says
  2. I think I might have too many spoilers if I ever publish something
  3. I’m slowly getting out of writing fiction and getting into other things Online

The first reason is coming from this blog post by Cat Rambo and is also linked to the second reason.  Though, I don’t think blogging is a chore for me.  It’s more for saying when I got the idea and if it was copywrited, I would be told.  But, like all non-popular people/blogs/ect., I never get that many views and even worse, no comments.  And this why, I think blogging as a fiction writer doesn’t work UNLESS you are promoting your books.  Ideas can go to forums and meet ups for writers in real life, not blogs.  Sorry for the rant.

For the third and last reason, it’s true that I slowly going through a phase of finding that I won’t be writing fiction due to not really having a way to write fiction and not suck at it and getting myself in a writers block.  Plus, I got myself involved with the Ubuntu community and I feel like that I can do more there than writing fiction.

Having that said, I will be posting in The Ubuntu Sense blog and I will be around on Twitter.

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