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May, 31, 2013: I’m once again seeking Beta-Readers, please see this post for more info!

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Planning to Retire This Blog


Just as the title says, I’m planning to retire this blog.  For three reasons:

  1. Authors don’t really need blogs but site as the author, Cat Rambo, says
  2. I think I might have too many spoilers if I ever publish something
  3. I’m slowly getting out of writing fiction and getting into other things Online

The first reason is coming from this blog post by Cat Rambo and is also linked to the second reason.  Though, I don’t think blogging is a chore for me.  It’s more for saying when I got the idea and if it was copywrited, I would be told.  But, like all non-popular people/blogs/ect., I never get that many views and even worse, no comments.  And this why, I think blogging as a fiction writer doesn’t work UNLESS you are promoting your books.  Ideas can go to forums and meet ups for writers in real life, not blogs.  Sorry for the rant.

For the third and last reason, it’s true that I slowly going through a phase of finding that I won’t be writing fiction due to not really having a way to write fiction and not suck at it and getting myself in a writers block.  Plus, I got myself involved with the Ubuntu community and I feel like that I can do more there than writing fiction.

Having that said, I will be posting in The Ubuntu Sense blog and I will be around on Twitter.

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New Blog


I started a new blog for my work in the Ubuntu community and for Ubuntu itself.  I want to keep all of my Ubuntu related stuff there and all of my fiction stuff here.  Also, I may play around with new features in that blog.

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Blast in the Past

I wanted to see how far I can trace my activity on the Internet.  I was able to trace it back all the way back to when I first joined my first website in 2002, when I was 11.  Yes, 11!  But it was Neopets and I did it under my parent’s e-mail.  I only can remember my neosvetlana1071 account and I knew I switched from some account name that had “tiger” and this account was created a bit before the Neopets staff removed the amusement parks, so maybe late 2001?  I also know that I used this account until 2005.  I think later on, I rejoined and got the idea for the username “Mechafish”, which used to be mine here before I switched it to “Barsook”.

One funny thing about Neopets and my idea for real life trading cards and a magazine.  I wanted those maybe a year or two before they decided to start selling merchandise.  I think I also wanted to write stories and comics for the online Neopets newspaper.

My other record is from deviantArt which when I was 13 and had my first e-mail.  This account lasted for two years (maybe more) and it gives me the idea to redraw some of the drawings to see if I made an improvement.  It also shows who I was back then.

My last reference  before I became who I was in 2009-ish (when I started this blog), is an account from Gaia Online.  This is when I was in 10th grade based on the journal posts about marching band camp.  But, the big thing here, is the reference of my first actual website where I talked about a Sci-Fi MMORPG idea for one, which, when looking back, looks like an idea for a Sci-Fi version of World of Warcraft.  Also, this site was the first non-Neopet and non-forum-where-it-was-just-me-and-another-person-talking and the first one that showed where my interest towards computers half started.  And, it references when I built my first custom-built computer.

The other half is, again, from Neopets.  The period from first joining Neopets and joining dA (which was most of 2003), I started to not just play games on Neopets, I started to figure out how to spaz up my pet’s page (I think I had a Techo with the name TechoFace with some numbers at the end).   At this time (and I think they still do have the guide), Neopets had a guide of how to use HTML.  This was ten years ago, and I would like to thank Neopets for doing that.  This is one of the spike in interest towards computers that I can think of.

I think the first spike in interest towards computers, was my family owned a Windows 3.1 and I remember playing computer games on that.  Yes, a Windows 3.1.  We had it from 1993-ish-1998-ish.

Anyways, the point of this post was to show where some of my skills with computers and web site work is coming from.

Also, I have went through three main usernames (Neosvetlana, Mechafish, and Barsook) and three to five alt usernames (belkinsa, Blue-Spine, Zummon, Warriorman.EXE, and Fire-Chaos).

Forgot to add: The game Puzzle Pirates by ThreeRings Design taught me to type in proper English around 2005-2006 after I build my computer.  I was just standing in (I think) the Dragon’s Nest’s Inn and watching how players were speaking.  And one caught my eye and I started to copy of that player.  The only thing is I can’t find any examples of my improper English.  I think that was on Furcadia when I was on it before 2005.

Also, old pictures from 2008-2009.

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Rethought of using the term “Tatsuo”

Going from this post.

One of my good friends, Jesse, said:

I say keep Dragzard as you’ve got it. It was your initial idea, and I’ve found that a person often regrets those kinds of changes later. I think Tatsuo would be a good family name, or the name of some kind of leader or even a title. Kind of like, look- there goes Grizhach, Grand Tatsuo of the (fill in the blank) clan!
Just my 2 cents.

I’m planing to use the term as title in the Dragzardian government both local (cities, villages, ect.) and the capital city, Slivdon. This title is like the Lord/Lady title that is used in many worlds. The Grand Tatsuo = king and the Elder/Junker (a rank term from Russian history) Sr/Junker = lord/lady. I will have a short story about these people, and something in a novel how these was started.

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Should I Keep the Race Name “Dragzard”?

Today, I was looking at the site, 20000 Names, for a dragon-like name. And I ran into this name (meaning included):

TATSUO (1-竜夫, 2-達夫, 3-龍雄): Japanese name meaning 1) “dragon man,” 2) “far-reaching man,” or 3) “imperial man.

My thought to this was this on Twitter:

The problem is, if I change it to “Tatsuo”, it wouldn’t sound right in my mind and I want to change it back to “Dragzard”. What should I do?

I could always use it in another way, such as a nation name or a city name.

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Group Brainstorm Anyone?

I was thinking about doing a brainstorm with you, the followers of these blogs and my friends.  I’m thinking about using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) or a Skype chatroom to brainstorm ideas for Torzukarr.  The reason behind this I want to hear  your ideas on ideas that I’m stuck on.  Would anyone be up to this?  You are welcome to comment or us the contact form below:

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Land of Humans Brainstrom: Nation(s)

I was thinking of spiting up Land of Humans into two to four nations, up to five, but I think that will create more conflicts than needed in the beginning and every other book (dealing with Land of Humans). On other hand, having Land of Humans only being one nation with reduce the conflict but will give the Masked Outlaws a chanced to shine as heroes more often then needed. My question is which is more cliché and which option is more suited for a world that has three more races: Dragzards, elves, and dwarfs?

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Happy New Member of @IndieWriteNet (#IndieWriteNet)

Hopefully, I can find writers who like my works and I can get some beta readers from there. I will post more once I get into the site more.

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Publishing Plans

Finally after four years (or so) of work on Torzukarr, I’m planning to publish a trilogy that deals with the events that allowed the Dragzard race be created.  I’m working on the second book, because that is fresh in my mind at this moment.  I’m planning to publish the first book in two years.  I don’t know if I will self-publish or do it with Tor or some other house.

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